Behind the Brand

About Us

We are Cash & Co., a family based company dedicated to providing every kid extra flair and swag to stand out. After collecting hats for over 30 years, we’ve developed a taste for quality apparel & headwear. After living in Hawaii and starting a family of our own, we wanted our kids to rock a similar style and swag. After searching and searching and not being able to find our steeze - we made designs of our own. Let us be clear that this was not supposed to be a BUSINESS, but rather a couple matching pieces for CHILD + ADULT. After much demand and people wanting hats straight off our children’s head, this is where Cash & Co. was born.

Many parents keep a journal of their children for remembrance. They remember and document what their child’s first words were, maybe their children’s favorite toy, favorite food, favorite place, favorite superhero, etc. Here at Cash & Co, every design and piece has meaning and is our personal journal about the places, things and moments that mean the most to us. When we see you wearing and loving each piece like we do, we feel and share that love from our people to yours. We love providing smiles and helping your tribe happy. We thank you for the support and hope you love each story!